Lives being transformed through the Love of Jesus Christ


Jake Anderson
Lead Pastor/Shepherd

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Don Gaalswyk
Deacon/Shepherd in Training

I have lived in the Pillager area virtually my entire life, and, as I have grown older, I have realized how much the people of this community need Jesus! My passion for this church stems from my love for the people of this community. Working to help create a vibrant, growing body of believers whose mission is to make disciples who will bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to this community is how I show that I care for and love God’s people.

Dave Gielow
Deacon/Shepherd in Training

My name is David Gielow and I am humbled to be a part of the Shepherds in Training.  The Church is the hope for the world and I believe that God is stirring peoples hearts to be on God's mission here.  I desire to be a part of encouraging, protecting and helping this church, myself included, to go and make disciples.



Chris Pederson
Deacon/Shepherd in Training/Treasurer

As Shepherd/Elder trainee I have, in many ways, just begun that journey.  I have been involved in vision casting for the church in various ways over the years, but generally in a different way.  As I go through this with the men and Pastor Jake, and most importantly, with Him, I am constantly reminded to turn towards Him, to lean in to Him for all things (a work in progress:-).  I continue to reveal things about myself and about the nature of God.  I see my main purpose and function in training as deepening my understanding and relationship with Him.  I see my passion then as a natural byproduct of this relationship.  Sharing that which I have experienced with others.


Jen Homan
Children's Ministry Director

I am humbled and blessed to have the opportunity to show God's love t His children.  I have a passion for helping children become respectful, responsible children of God who know they are loved, saved from their sins, to understand their value and worth in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior and to teach them the importance of a personal relationship with God our Father and Creator.  I'm excited to help equip families to raise up the gift God has blessed them with, their children!


Juliane Anderson
Interim Worship Director

Juliane has been leading worship teams off and on for the past 20 years.
She enjoys working with others to discover their passion and gifts of music to serve and praise the LORD.  Juliane desires worship to be transformational, to go beyond the Sunday morning service and be ingrained in our everyday lives.  As you serve, you’ll notice she also likes to have fun together, building team unity while we grow deeper in our understanding of what it means to lead worship and to praise the LORD in all things. If you are interested in serving on our teams please contact her!  We’d love for you to join our worship team.


Steve Bell
Facilities Director





Michelle Schwegel
Congregational Care





Amy Gielow
Administrative Assistant/Assistant Treasurer

God has really given me a heart to come along side others in ministry.  Whether it is by making copies, coordinating meetings or communicating important news & events with the church family, I desire to help make it easier for others connect with God in a real and life-changing way. I love seeing our church grow as a body, working as one to glorify God.   


Sarah Adams
Student Ministry Co-Director

My role at FBC in youth ministry is one of the most rewarding roles I have had.  I have a passion to see youth living for the Lord. Watching them take their steps in faith is so exciting.  Jeremiah 29:11 is a verse I love to share with youth. 





Amanda Mortenson
Student Ministry Co-Director

I am excited to be working with our Adrenaline youth again this year! I am passionate about our Adrenaline program because I want every teen to know they are loved and important. My goal is to help teenagers grow in their relationship with God and help make FBC a place where teens can feel like they belong, connect to others, and encounter God.


903 River Street South
Pillager, MN 56473

Connection Point Sunday 9:30am

Worship GatheringSunday 10:00am