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Macular degeneration (AMD) is a macular disease that causes vision loss and loss of central vision in the elderly. Today, AMD is the leading cause of irreversible vision loss in people ages 50 and older in the United States. Early AMD is characterized by a slow, progressive degeneration of retinal cells. Advanced AMD is characterized by the appearance of drusen and, in more severe cases, by a loss of retinal cells and a retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cell. It is unclear whether early AMD can be prevented and, if so, what disease-modifying agents are necessary. Any therapy for AMD must be able to slow the progression of AMD to improve central vision. MDA-10 blocks the death of RPE cells and reduces the area of lesions. Researchers believe that the drug can work in a preventive manner by stopping the development of AMD. The production process to create the drug begins with methylene blue, which is a purple coloring agent. When methylene blue is mixed with vitamin C, a chemical reaction occurs and methylene blue is oxidized. The oxidized form of the molecule is then converted into the drug form of MDA-10. A single dose of MDA-10 provides the same amounts of methylene blue and vitamin C that would normally be consumed by an individual over the course of a lifetime. MDA-10 lowers the risk of AMD and could be a treatment for AMD. Surveys have shown that around half of the people affected by AMD have not been diagnosed or have not received any treatment. Diagnosis and treatment for early AMD may be overlooked, and people have developed irreversible vision loss and blindness from AMD. Recent studies have shown that the death of retinal cells in AMD is caused by the abnormal release of white blood cells. In addition, an excess of free radicals can affect the RPE cells. A new drug called MDA-10, which has been tested in rats, could improve vision and protect the RPE cells from free radicals. There have also been trials using laser therapy to prevent the death of retinal cells. Research has shown that the drug could also work by lowering the release of white blood cells in the body. Another study found that the drug may help slow the growth of the abnormal cells that cause AMD. One of the trials found that MDA-10 slowed the development of AMD and reduced the need for eye injections. A single dose of MDA-10 was found to reduce the number of lesions on the

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