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Acts 16 "Mission of God Moves us Toward..."


Acts 15 "Drift in..."


Acts 14 "Sharing with Others"


Acts 12 "Prayer"


Acts 11 "The Powerful Ministry of Encouragement"


Acts 10 "The Gospel to the World"


Acts 9 "I Have a Testimony"


Acts 9 "Chosen and Equipped"

Special: Dave Gielow Preached


Acts 5:12-42 "Obedience in the Name"


Psalm 133 "Unity"



Luke 18:19-14 "Praying with Attitude"

Special: Byron Anderon Preached


"What's in a Name" Series


Isaiah 9:6 "Wonderful Counselor"

Special: Christmas Eve Service!

Advent Reading (Feyder Family)



Isaiah 9:6 "Prince of Peace"

Special: Advent Reading (Janet Larson)


Isaiah 9:6 "Mighty God"

Special: Advent Reading (Notch Family)

*12.6.2020(feed cut out: part 1, part 2)

Isaiah 9:6 "Everlasting Father"

Special: Advent Reading (Hooge Family)


Acts Series

*11.29.2020​ (feed cut out: part 1, part 2)

Acts 8:26-40 "OTR AGAIN"



Acts 8:1-25 "God Puts People in Place on Purpose"


Acts 6 "Don't Stop Short..."


Acts 5 "Ananias and Sapphira: Our Tent"


Acts 4:23-37 "Sweet Fellowship"

Special: Dave Gielow Preached



Acts 4:1-22 "Warnings Against Religious Pluralism"

Special: Baby Moyer Dedication

*10.18.2020 (feed cut out, we weren't able to get it back up until the last 2 minutes of time)

Acts 3:1-26 "Miracles Always Point Us Deeper Into the Gospel"

Special: Pastor's Appreciation Sunday

*10.11.2020 (feed cut out - part 1, part 2)

Acts 2:42-47 "Cut to the Heart, It's Not Too Late"


Acts 2:1-41 "Holy Spirit and Baptism"

Special: Baptism's


Acts 1:15-26 "Good News for Peter and Us"

Special: Youth Band Sunday, Hooge Family Membership 


Acts 1:12-14 "Prayer"

Special: Operation Christmas Child Announcement, Question & Answer time with Pastor Jake and Juliane



Acts 1:1-11 "Act's: The Tapestry of a Church on Mission"

Special: Notch Family Membership

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